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Imagine, flying in your car
to your favourite destination

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Sounds like science fiction?

It will soon
become reality.

Meet aerWing. An unmanned, aerial transportation fleet.


Whether you're with family or friends, fly to your destination in your own car.


aerWing will make everyday travel to interstate & intercity a breeze.


200 kms in an hour, travel smart not just more sustainable, but irresistible.

Elevate every journey

Give your cars
aerWing to fly.

Meet aerDock. A fully automated, futuristic docking station.

Space efficient

Uses less space than an airport and are faster to deploy.

Move swiftly

An aerDock can serve hundreds of travelers a day without waiting.

Thinking ahead

From medical to cargo, A platform that moves more than just your car.

Visual spectacle

Designed to accentuate the unique aerWing take off and landing.

We are aerpace

Future ready solutions

Fully designed and crafted for an unparalleled travel experience, made possible with the coming-of-age technology.

Faster, Easier, Better

Designed for a better environment, superior travel time management, minimisation of land use and optimisation of resources.

Tomorrow’s energy today

Hydrogen energy distribution is at the core to our ecosystem, making sure the future is more efficient and sustainable.

Sneak peak into the
future of travel
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