The Ecosystem

Experience travel
like no other

Conventional mode of transportation for Interstate - Intercity travel distance of 200 - 800 km are time-consuming, expensive, tiring, or sometimes even all of them.

Discover the aerpace difference

We are the world’s first practical flying car ecosystem. Take a journey that's gonna make all the difference. A few simple steps and you will be up and flying in no time.


Book in secs

With the aerpace App, booking is a breeze. You can reserve a jouney anytime you want.


Find an aerDock

See them in one glance, go there with one click! Let our app guide you to the nearest aerDock.


Go queue-free

At the aerDock, complete the automated security process and hop on to a Superwing seamlessly.


Fly in your car

Sit cocooned within your car as the Superwing flies you from A to B. It's the fastest way to travel.


Reach your destination

Arrive at your destination and drive off in your own car. Can't wait to try? Stay tuned. It’ll be worth it.

When you travel with aerpace, you #MakeTime to do more.


Reinventing transportation

To solve the short travel distance barriers we designed an intelligent, self-sustaining, all electric ecosystem that promises the most convenient, economical, and faster mode of transport.

Travel autonomously

Sit back, relax, and enjoy journeys in your own car, the Superwing keeps you gliding across the sky in comfort and style. Say hello to total freedom.

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Pioneering technology

aerDock will help deliver a travel experience like no other while unlocking the potential of aerial mobility and hydrogen energy for years to come.

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Ready to go

Experience the magic you’ve been missing.

Better for
the environment

We make protection of the environment an integral part of our ecosystem from planning to development.

Less emission
of CO2

Every step counts on the way to carbon neutral mobility. We will follow a new path and it starts here.

Self sustaining

Sustainable mobility starts with electric and our ecosystem is designed with the environment in mind.

Encourage innovative & technological growth

Our ecosystem is building a future designed to shape innovation and technology not just for some, but for all.

Generate more employment oppurtunities

It is our aim to create jobs, stable income oppurtunties and tangible benefits, while supporting local communities.

Better transportation
of perishable goods

We want to give you options that will help you to not just produce but also deliver hard-to-reach places on time.

Generate ample
solar energy

A 3-megawatt solar plant energy be able to provide large quantities of renewable electricity to nearby regions.

Boost hydrogen
energy use

We rely on energy efficiency and the use of green hydrogen for fuel. So you can travel with zero emissions.

Economic growth
of the country

For aerpace, growth means pursuing economic, social and ecological objectives simultaneously and with equal energy.

Development of
rural areas

aerpace underscores our commitments to bolster positive impacts in the communities where we work and live.

Encourage local

Our advancing efforts will offer more sustainable solutions and positively benefit local traders in the areas around aerpace.


We believe aerpace is integral to our endeavor of giving back to a community by increasing recreation opportunities.

Smarter is better

We are working on the
innovations of tomorrow.

Sustainably impressive

CO2-free and designed with
sustainability in mind.

Unmistakable impression

A clear form that radically
reinterprets the future.