Flying redefined

Elevate you

Bringing the future closer with an innate quality to carry a car, passengers and goods from one place to another. This is travel on an entirely new level.


Ultra-Light, Ultra-Strong

It’s ultra-light and incredibly strong for unmatched balance and agility making engineering elevated to an impressive height of 3000-9000 feet from ground level.

cars (seat 1-8)


Sit in the comfort and privacy of your own car and be carried by the aerWing from one aerDock to another.

6 passengers


The aerWing can accommodate 6 passengers making aerpace available to consumers.

medical aid


Swift and ideal in cases where the patients are either injured and critical, stuck in traffic or in a remote location.



Affordably transport goods across India in the lowest possible time and positively meet the growing demands.

Proactive safety

Every surface has been poured-over, polished, and crafted for safety through endless innovation. Built for the few who are constantly seeking more.

Back up batteries

In case of any fuel crisis all four types of aerWings are equipped with back up batteries that can be used for an emergency landing.

Ballistic parachute recovery system

Secondly, in case of aerWing's complete failure, Ballistic parachute recovery system will shoot up to stabilise the aerWing.

Cold gas thrusters

Simultaneously air bags inside and under the aerWing will deploy along with cold gas thrusters to help in safe landing.

Collision avoidance system

As per fully compliant automated safety modes, technology is also equipped with collision avoidance systems with obstacle detection sensors to scan the surroundings.

Automated vehicle fire safety system

And, in case of fire, the automated vehicle fire safety system will jump into action, securing passengers as the aerWing gets ready for an emergency landing.

Smarter travel for tomorrow

We’ve performance-tuned our entire fleet to unleash a ground-breaking range, unprecedented acceleration, versatility, and reliability.

Ready For What’s Next.

Explore your destination, live bigger, travel smarter

Surpass conventions

Inspired by the coolness of shadow and graphite’s muted texture.

Travel future-facing

Pure aerodynamic shape, moves with ease, no matter the conditions.

Ultra attractive

The iconic aerpace design language. Classic, Modern, futuristic.

Amplified comfort for the long haul

Surprisingly easy, unexpectedly awesome



Hydrogen energy

MAX. Weight

1.5 TON approx

Flight altitude

3000-9000 ft

Extensive range

500 kms


(0-100 KM/H) 2.7 sec


200 KM/H

Fuel crisis

Backup Batteries

Complete failure

Ballistic parachute recovery system

Injury prevention

Vehicle - restraint & impact energy absorption airbags


Cold gas thrusters to help safe landing


Collision avoidance system with obstacle detection sensors

Fire safety

Automated vehicle fire safety system