aerDock - AI-powered and fully-automated docking station. Easier to adopt, efficient to operate, and faster to scale in the urban or rural environment.

Our vision of the future

aerDock is created to help define the future of electric transport, setting new standards and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Modeling future transportation

Helping cities make cleaner, more sustainable transportation available to mass markets.

Unlocking efficiency

Streamlined operations enable greater efficiency, lowering capital expense, and reducing staff and operating costs overall.

Digitized end-to-end

Our deep-intelligence, smart sensors, and connected components make aerDock safer, future-proof and more energy efficient.

Smart from the start

Hydrogen fuel cell is at the core of our ground-breaking cutting-edge technology that makes aerDock smart and self-sustaining.

Space efficient

An aerDock requires half the space of traditional airports and operates nearly on-demand.

Always ready

Enjoy worry-free travel. Each aerDock is equipped with a medical emergency and national security response center.

Thinking ahead

By intelligently harnessing solar energy, electricity will be ready for the most demanding rural environments close by.

Hydrogen fuel

Way cleaner than gas. Swap on the way, or charge and you’re back on the road without skipping a beat. No fumes. No fuss.

Oxygen reimagined

aerDock will always have plenty of oxygen ready when and where you need them, 24 hours a day, all across the network.

Smart & connected

Every aspect of the aerDock is built to make your travel better.

Easy to Operate

Weather proof. Tamper proof. Low maintenance. 24hr monitoring, fully automatic operation deliver efficiency.

Built to Last

Rugged design and future-proof technology. Engineered for reliability in the most demanding environments.

Precision with agility

We explore new ways to solve challenges, evolve our products, and open up new service models that make travelling more rewarding.

Uncompromising service

We’re always looking at how technology can help us be more than just efficient but achieve higher quality, agility, and flexibility.

Ground-breaking innovation

aerDock have enabled industry-firsts like face-recognition security, instant vehicle health checks, or schedule maintenance and more.