Company Profile

Designed for daily life.

We all want to spend less time traveling and more time living. At aerpace, we're making that possible with our pioneering ecosystem. It’s a faster, cleaner, and smarter way to carry people through their lives; bookable at the touch of an app.

We are mobility’s new, all-electric dimension.

We aim to take mobility a step further. We have created a complete ecosystem with multiple moving parts. The true innovation lies in our belief that this harmonious ecosystem will transform what mobility means to today’s passengers. All this for a more sustainable future.

We plan to offer an additional layer of transportation that supplements existing transit networks in megacities across the globe. An innovative way to get from A to B in congested cities. As the pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM), we will be launching the world’s first-ever eVTOL services, consisting of our aerWing car-lift aircraft, aerTaxi passenger electric air taxi, our aerAmbulance medical emergency aircraft, our aerCargo heavy-lift cargo drone, and aerDock the physical infrastructure that completes the ecosystem.

An ecosystem built with you in mind

Our game-changing transportation offering will bypass congested streets by staying squarely in its designated routes in the lower airspace. We plan to offer point-to-point connections that slash journey times from key hubs like airports.

Get ready for a better, less-congested tomorrow.

Why aerpace

Sustainable Future

A robust transportation network that is extremely easy to use, self-sustainable, and 100% scalable.

Redefining Mobility

Our technology and ecosystem will be built from the ground up to deliver seamless transportation solutions.

Futuristic Intelligence

Our deeply integrated hardware and software will significantly improve logistics and the nations economics.

Unprecedented living

aerpace will generate massive employment, business opportunities and help achieve environmental sustainability.